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Zardozi Embroidrey Work

Hello everyone
😊 Today I am going to show you very beautiful golden zardozi Embroidery work design.
This Hand Embroidery design is based on Zardozi and Aari work  with  some different types of Embroidery materials.


First of all you need to make a sketch like this of that design which you want to do in hand embroidery work.

After make the design on the fabric for embroidery work.
You need some different kind of hand embroidery materials.

In this zardozi work design
 we used 7 type of Hand Embroidery materials

Kasab thread (tilla)
Katdana beads
Golden glass beads
Golden color crystals
France cut sequins
Flat sequins
Zardozi spring

For making of this kind of Hand Embroidery, Embroiders used some other embroidrey techniques, like Aari work, zardozi work, katdana work, beads work, french knots work, outline work, Kasab work, Tilla work,
they also used some different kind of embroidrey stitches for making this embroidrey design, like zardozi stitch, Aari stitch, c…

Sequins Embroidery Work

This design is based on the Sequins Embroidery work with some beads and stones.

This Sequins embroidered butterfly design Look very simple and elegant,

The black and white sequins embroidery color combination is also give a pretty look to this butterfly design,

The hand embroider of this design done a very fine embroidery on this butterfly,
that why it's look very nice and beautiful,

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If you like this hand embroidered butterfly design,

Tilla Embroidery work

This embroidery work design based on Tilla embroidery work, lots of people also called this design as Kasab Embroidery work,
The work that has been done in this design with Tilla (Kasab) That technique is called loading work, That's why the design of the embroidery is quite prominent.
Before doing Tilla work in this design Below it is filled with thick thread, That's why this Tilla embroidery design has emerged. And also if you add beads in it Then this design looks even more beautiful. 😍😍😍 If you like this hand embroidery design with Tilla work then please don't forget to comment below.

Butterfly Embroidery Design

This beautiful embroidered butterfly design made from thread work and sequins work and also some beads work, that's why this embroidery design look very fancy and elegant, because hand embroider done a great job with the hand work.  because it's very tough to make this kind of work in any kind of figure like Butterfly, because butterfly design have some limitation to do work that's why you need to be a very smart about which work you can deliver on it,  This Embroidered butterfly design can be used at any part of the dress because it's make like a applic. You can use this butterfly effect at anywhere 😍 And if you like this butterfly embroidery work then please comment below

Katdana Beads Embroidery Work

This beautiful hand embroidery Design based on katdana beads embroidery work. And this design is maked on net fabric, with Resham embroidery work and sequins embroidery work. The Embroidery technique used in this design is called the Loadwork embroidery, This embroidery technique is very very popular in Those embroidery lovers who likes katdana beads embroidery work designs.

Zardozi Embroidery work

This type of design look very beautiful on indian suits and saree.

If you want to make this type of design on your clothes then you need to understand everything about this embroidery design, 
This Hand Embroidery Design based on zardozi work technique, and also little bit Red color aplic embroidery work, And we also used some white pearls and gota patti for decorating the entire embroidery design..

For making this type of embroidery work first of all we need a hand embroidery Hoops and frame. 
The hand embroidery frame helps you to make fabric tight and tough, then you can't do embroidery according to the design, 
And after setting the fabric on the hand embroidery frame you need to draw the embroidery design that you want, and after make the design on the fabric you need some other embroidery stuff.
Like hand embroidery materials, Threads and and pearls, and zardozi cord. 

Butterfly in sequins Embroidery material

This butterfly design based on Sequins embroidery work, pearl embroidery work, and stones embroidery work.
This is very easy to make but you need all these kind of hand embroidery materials, Like some different sizes of the sequins with different color and shades..
You need some Hand Embroidery Needles And for making of this kind of design you also need some different kind of Hand embroidery techniques, like Basic Embroidery stitches, Aari work stitches, zardozi work stitches,  sequins embroidery stitches and pearls stitches.
You can Stitch Easily this type of butterfly design at your home, but you also need all Hand Embroidery related stuff like, Hand Embroidery Woden Hoops and frame. Fabric, threads and everything you can see on this butterfly embroidery design, 
If you like this Butterfly embroidery design then you have to make this design on you clothes. 😍

Hand Embroidery Butterfly

For making of this kind of butterfly you need 3 or 4 types of sequins, and threads in some different colors, it is very very easy to make, you can Stitch Easily of this kind of Hand Embroidery designs at your Home 😍